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A Whole House Full of Animals

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in interview | 0 comments

            In July, I met with Wanda Curry a local animal activist and the operator of her very own “independent animal shelter” that she started in her small community that did not have a local SPCA. Curry, has been fostering animals in her home now for the past five years, and is a local hero when it comes to giving back to the community and saving furry lives.
Studio4life: What made you start taking these animals into your home?

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How to Keep Google Safe for Kids

Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in General | 0 comments

How to set up a safe way for your kids to Google the internet is a big question on my parents minds.  I decided to set up a survey and post the ideas I felt would work best I posted below. This way we can get a better idea on how different moms and get their take on what they are doing to ensure their young one twittering in the right places.

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Interview: How to get things done

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in interview | 0 comments

In this interview we are very happy to announce we are going to sit down with Claudette Ghirlandaio, a restaurant owner in New York city.   We sat her down and asked “how on earth are you so profitable in such an competitive environment?

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Looking Better After 40

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Most people say that age is just a number. Maybe it is true. Even at 40, there are still a lot of things I can still do. What bothers me is that need for affirmation by constantly looking at a mirror. Whatever it is that you see in a mirror, it was not satisfying. It was a sobering experience, but it did not stop me from wanting to look better than my age.

When I was younger, I did not pay particularly close attention to how I looked. I think that is the case with most women who have children very early. I did not look frumpy nor fat because thankfully, I exercised a lot. I swam, jogged and also went to the gym. Nutrition was also a big thing inside the home, and that’s how I was able to stay fit. So now my problem is my face. One thing I was not able to prepare for was sun damage. I had loved to stay out in the sun for a long time and did not think about wearing sunscreen or even a hat to cover my face.

Now that I’m in my 40s, the tell-all signs of sun damage can be read on my skin. I also have deep furrows on my forehead and my eyelids are droopy. I had tried to correct the damage (of course, too little too late) by buying expensive creams that claim to defy the ravages of aging. They seem to be working a bit, but I found the maintenance too expensive. Another thing was that I was not comfortable slathering sticky serum onto my face twice a day. It felt like such a huge effort, and I wanted something that was faster and gave better results.

I asked the opinion of friends, and they of course recommended that I get a cosmetic procedure. I had to think long and hard about this one because getting surgery seemed like such an extreme procedure for me. They laughed and said that nothing was going to be cut or sawed off. In fact, age-reversing procedures nowadays are hardly invasive. I was doubtful, so the girls offered that we “clinic hop” and visit several treatment centers so I could get a better understanding of how they can help me. Our first stop was the clinic of a dermatologist in Swedesboro. She was very pleasant and accommodating and told me that all was not lost in terms of my skin’s health.

When I wanted to learn more about cosmetic procedures, my friends led me to a clinic that specialized in Juvederm in Portland, Maine. I was eager to learn more about the procedure. Naturally, my concerns were pain, safety and cost – in that order. I have a very low pain tolerance and I did not want my screams to be heard by people driving two streets away. I was concerned about toxins and implants all that but the doctors in the clinic were very kind and explained everything to me without the condescending tone.

I’m looking forward to having my procedure started next week. It might take a couple of visits, but I’m confident that I will start looking better in a short time.

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Hiring Professionals for Pressure Washing Services

Posted by on Jul 27, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Winter is over and its time to start thinking about washing away all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the months. With spring just around the corner and summer on the way, it is nice to have things looking clean.

Make a list of everything that needs to be done in your quest to get things ship shape and sparkling. Separate out things that need to be pressure washed down to clean them and then consider whether it is worth hiring a professional pressure washer company to do the work for you.

Questions to Ask:

Before you hire the first company you see, you need to ask some questions first. Not all companies operate the same and not all are qualified to do every single job. Pick at least three different companies and do some research on each one first and then ask each of them these questions:

  • Do you have the correct licenses and certifications?

Any professional company will be more than happy to provide you a look at their certificates and licenses – be sure to check the dates on them to make sure they haven’t expired!

  • Are you insured?

Ask if they have the correct liability insurance.  You want to make sure you are fully covered in the event of any damage to your property and any injuries that may happen on your premises.

  • Can you give me any references?

Again, any professional company will give you names and contacts of people who had work done. Have a look at their work and ask when it was done and if they are happy with it.

  • What pressure washer do you use?

This may sound like an odd question but you want to be sure that the equipment is fit for the job.  It’s no good hiring a company who uses a huge industrial pressure washer for a small job and vice versa. You can check out some helpful information on the best electric pressure washer on the internet.

  • Do you give estimates in writing?

You should get a written estimate form all of your chosen companies – if they don’t provide one, cross them off the list.  Read each estimate carefully and compare them for price and services offered as well as guarantees.

  • What is your procedure for cleaning?

Ask how they do the cleaning and how the process works. You want to know how long the job will take and how many people will be working. Familiarize yourself with everything so you will know if anything is not right on the day they do the job.

  • What chemicals do you use and are they safe?

Check out the chemicals they are using and find out if they are environmentally friendly ones. Ask if they will do any harm to your plants or anything else in your garden. Are they pet-safe?  If you are having cleaning done inside make sure the chemicals used will not damage any of your furnishings.

If you are still not convinced or just want to be sure for your own peace of mind, this website offers electric pressure washer reviews ad gives a lot of useful information.

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The Vietnamese Experience

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Who can forget the tragic long years when Vietnam was torn apart by war? The Vietnam War was one of the longest, saddest, and most brutal wars of all time. Yet, when I went to this country just last year, I saw that the country ravaged by ammunitions and bombs is finally getting back on its feet. No more is it a land of sorrow, but a land of complex culture and vibrant, friendly natives.

Anybody who goes on Vietnam holidays (more info here) can testify of the richness of the culture and friendly vibe. The country has a lot of amazing sceneries and historical landmarks, but these three places were the ones that marked the most to me:


Now formally known as Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam. This city has been a center of much artistic depictions such as the world-renown theatre production Miss Saigon. I couldn’t help but imagine the face of the city during the war-torn years when American soldiers marched all over the land. To this day, it has several French colonial buildings like the Reunification Palace and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Mekong Delta

This southwestern portion of Vietnam is teeming with culture and economic activities centered on the Mekong River. Here I saw the colorful floating market that had always enthralled me as a kid. Surrounding the river are vast tracks of rice fields that are so enchanting to look at especially during early morning and twilight. During the trip, we managed to extensively explore the area and see firsthand what an ordinary day in the Mekong looks like.


Of course we didn’t forget the capital and the second largest city of Vietnam. Hanoi lies at the bank of the Red River, giving it economic opportunities like fishing and trading. The city didn’t disappoint; it has a lot of interesting landmarks like the One Pillar Pagoda and the Temple of Literature. There are a lot of Buddhist temples, but the most captivating one is the Tran Quoc, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the city.

The country still has a long way to go to becoming developed, but it’s nice to see that so much has changed since those terrible years. 

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Loving the Windy City 24/7

Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in General | 0 comments

There could have been plenty of other cities to live in, but I’m glad my family and I settled down in Chicago, Illinois. It’s often referred to as the Windy City and it’s something that we’ve grown to appreciate as the days pass. The city may be windy, but at least it’s not too crowded and overly polluted as others. There’s plenty more to like about Chicago more than sports and food.
One thing I like to brag about Chicago is its tourist attractions. There are dozens of different museums and science exhibits where young minds can be inspired to learn more. My own children are frequent visitors of the planetarium. The hands down favorite, however is the Field Museum which is filled with galleries and exhibits on natural history and of course – dinosaurs!

The star of the show is the almost complete T. rex skeleton called Sue. She’s the biggest and scariest of all the dinosaurs on exhibit and kids can never get enough of her. Aside from Sue there are also different kinds of other dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Raptors. Another awesome collection inside the Field Museum are of the Egyptian mummies. There are more than 20 mummies and thousands of pottery, weapons, pieces of jewelry and other everyday things that they had when they were still alive.

My kids lived the Underground Adventure exhibit where everything is more than a hundred times its normal size. For a moment there you will experience what it’s like to feel like an ant or insect. There’s also an amazing jade collection that’s over 8000 years old as well as a Tiffany stained glass window that’s truly a work of art.

For adults, there are plenty of places to dine and experience one-of-a-kind entertainment here. Businessmen who are looking for corporate offices will find plenty of Chicago commercial space available. There are medium rise buildings as well as high rise ones which offer impressive views of the Chicago skyline. It’s a good way to impress clients and business partners and show everyone that you’ve come very far in life.

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Get Your Body Beach-Ready with the Help of Sclerotherapy

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Sclerotherapy-treatmentHaving a little self-love is always healthy especially if it is one’s confidence that is at stake. Now that summer is fast approaching, both men and women may get a little anxious for a couple of reasons. Summer means that the weather would get warmer and it goes without saying that people should dress according to it. Shorts and skirts are just perfect and comfortable to wear during when it is too humid outside although they tend to show more skin than usual.

However, some people may find it uneasy to show their legs to other people. Some people are afraid because they believe they have too much cellulite as a result of not hitting the gym. Some are just too shy because of varicose or spider veins on their legs. All of these things are easy to hide under jeans or leggings. But why do you have to wear pants and tolerate the heat when you can get rid of those unsightly varicose veins in your legs?

Sclerotherapy has been one of the most popular and most effective treatments that can minimize or completely eliminate the appearance of large and unpleasant veins in the body especially in the legs. However, what sets sclerotherapy apart from other treatments of the same kind is that it does not only shrink the veins but it also stops them from growing back again for the years to come. During the initial stages of the treatment, you may have multiple appointments to ensure that the procedure to perform has maximum effect and benefits. Some patients experienced a bit of pain during the therapy but it would only take a maximum of few minutes.

After the procedure wherein they will shrink your varicose or spider veins, the veins would continue to dissolve beneath your skin. Your body will naturally be able to absorb the dissipated veins with the help of an injectable agent included in the therapy. Although the appearance of red spots and itching are possible during post-procedure, these symptoms are almost always just side effects and will disappear in just a few days. You can also go back to your daily routine after the treatment except for extreme activities which have to be limited. Walking is also advised as is helps the legs to absorb the medications used quickly. After just one month or so, you would no longer see a trace of those unsightly veins you have before.

If you are one of those people who have been afraid of pulling off bathing suits just because of varicose or spider veins, getting sclerotherapy is just the best action to take. You would no longer need to worry about your legs and if people are staring at them because of those unpleasant large veins. You can not only enjoy summer but you can be confident with yourself as well.

If you want the best vein doctor in Manhattan, visit To those looking for a vein doctor in Orange County, you may click here.

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Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in General | 0 comments

In recent years, there has been an increasing environmental awareness worldwide. Governments are passing eco-friendly laws and policies, industries are developing green technologies and individuals are incorporating environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives. Among the most notable of these practices is living in homes that are energy efficient.

Making a home energy efficient practically means keeping energy costs very low. Maintaining a low level of energy consumption provides a number of advantages, the foremost of which is its benefit to the environment. Energy is mainly generated by the burning of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is now common knowledge how this gas contributes to climate change, a phenomenon whose effects are negatively impacting people on a global scale. Hence, the less energy you use, the better it is for the environment. Further, energy efficiency also brings down the costs of electricity as well as of heating and cooling, so this means having significant savings on your monthly utility bills.

If you would like to be a friend to the environment while saving money, there are three simple ways to achieve energy efficiency in your home.

Make sure that the insulation in your house is working properly. This means that there are no leaks where heat can flow out of it during winter, or seep in during the summer. This way, your home will require less heating or cooling. The most common materials used for insulation are foam, fiberglass and cellulose. Contractors generally use infrared cameras to make sure that the insulation materials are properly installed and free from leaks.

Problem areas for leaks usually occur in windows. This might just be the case if your windows are old. If they are, it is time to upgrade to the more recent types which provide better energy efficiency. According to experts, window replacement can lessen heating and air conditioning expenses up to twenty-four percent. If replacing windows is too expensive for you, there are low-cost DIY fixes that you can apply such as using window films and thick drapes, or installing storm windows. However, the best solution for plugging insulation leaks is window replacement. For proper replacement, you will need to call in professionals to do the installation. Several of them can be found on the internet, like this site of, where you can obtain contact information.

Perhaps the most inexpensive way to have an energy efficient home is to plant trees around your house. Good choices would be deciduous trees like maple and oak trees. These tree types lose their leaves in accordance with the seasons. They provide shade during the summer and give a cooling effect. During winter, the bare branches allow radiation to pass through and can help in giving warmth.

Although making your home energy efficient might require a certain investment initially, it will certainly pay off in the long run. Not only will you be saving on your utility expenses, you will be doing the environment a lot of good.

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Varicose Vein Removal — for Vanity or Health?

Posted by on Jun 3, 2014 in General | 0 comments

I used to think that women were too vain for words sometimes. I used to think that too much time was spent on beauty treatments and not enough on living life. And, I used to think that varicose vein removal was classed as a beauty treatment. Until I met my now best friend.

Simone is beautiful. In fact, she is drop dead gorgeous and she got the chance to be one of the models on a calendar to raise money for cancer charities. She turned it down, she said, because the pictures were full length and she was ashamed of her legs.

I told her she was being daft until I saw her legs – a network of spidery red and blue veins.  She told me one day that she had opted for surgery, that her veins had gotten worse and were now starting to hurt her. She was right; they had gotten worse, to the extent that they now looked like thin ropes under her skin!

You see, she works as a nurse and is on her feet all day long and she complained that she was uncomfortable and in a certain degree of pain.  Her doctor had referred her to a specialist who said that she was a perfect candidate for a phlebectomy and he was booking her in there and then.

In and Out

I took Simone to the hospital on the morning of her appointment thinking that she would be there for a few days. I was wrong! They gave her a local anesthetic and did the job there and then. I was taking her home a couple of hours later!

She couldn’t go into work for a week afterwards though as her legs needed time to recover but it didn’t take long and in no time at all, she was out of bed and back to normal – with gorgeous legs once again!

Two months ago, she was offered a place on the calendar again and this time she accepted, proud to show off her legs. That calendar has since raised more than $2000 for charity!

Now I understand that varicose vein removal is not a beauty treatment; for some it is a necessity to get rid of the pain and the discomfort.  I would now urge anyone who has the same problem to as for a referral for a phlebectomy in Springfield, Ma. These people provide great advice and a range of treatment services.

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Under the Knife – Why More Men are Opting for Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by on May 30, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Everywhere we look these days we are faced with images of stick thin models and anorexic looking pop and film stars. We have it shoved down our throats that women should be thin, almost to the point of being skeletal, if they want to get on in life.  But, what about the men?  Is it all just aimed at women or is there any pressure on the male of our species to look good?

Up until recent times, it has all been mainly directed towards women but, more and more these days men are feeling the pressure just as much. How do I know? I asked them.  Most of my male friends admitted that the media puts pressure on both sexes to look slim, fit and healthy and a good proportion of them also admitted that they had considered cosmetic surgery to help them.

Under the Knife

I did a bit of research, not just with my own friends, but on the internet as well and do you know which cosmetic procedure is most popular with men? Liposuction. Pick your jaw up off the floor!  Liposuction is no longer the surgery of choice just for women. More  men are going under the knife now than ever before: In the last 5 years, the percentage of men who are aged over 50 and who choose to have cosmetic surgery has risen by a staggering 140%.

Around one quarter of all liposuction procedures are now on men although the number of women electing to have it is also on the rise. On men, I discovered that about 24% of the procedures involved the chest, chin and abdomen. 25% of men’s operations are for bags under the eyes, 14% are facelifts, 11% go for nose jobs and tummy tucks account for 8%.

I did quite a bit of research on the internet about liposuction. New York clinics like this one offer a lot of information on the procedure — worth a read before you opt for the surgery, gentlemen!

A Weighty Problem

Much of it is down to our lifestyles – particularly here in the Western world!  Overall, we are a nation of junkies – we watch junk TV while eating junk food. Exercise? Forget it. It’s easier to get in the car to go and get bread from the shop than it is to walk for 10 minutes.

Traditionally, men have always been healthier and fitter than women (not all, I admit) have but these days, the tables are turning. And, instead of opting for a healthier lifestyle, more and more men are forking out for liposuction instead to get rid of their excess fat. 

It isn’t all down to laziness though. Athletic, toned and fit bodies greet us every time we turn on the TV or open a magazine and its having an effect. While that main target is still women, there is an increasing demand for men to keep themselves in shape and looking as good as they did 20 or even 30 years ago.

My research has covered a lot of information and many different states across the USA.  While I can’t cover every single one, I did find one good clinic that offers liposuction in Phoenix. We can’t make people change their minds and opt for a healthier lifestyle instead of surgery but we can at least urge them to have their procedure carried out at professional clinics with qualified surgeons.

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Should I Have Invisible Braces?

Posted by on May 25, 2014 in General | 0 comments

I want to straighten my teeth. I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my teeth, especially when I’m meeting such amazing people (beautiful as well). However, because of my age, the last thing I want people to see is some metal on top of my already crooked teeth. And so I’m considering invisible braces. I’ve done a bit of research and found a fantastic orthodontist in Aurora and Richmond Hill who offer invisible braces.

Invisible braces are considered to be the new, best way for a person to straighten his or her teeth. The way that the process works is that a patient goes in to a dentist that provides invisible braces services and he or she determines where the teeth need to be moved so that they would be perfectly aligned. Then, a series of clear trays will be created that will move the patient’s teeth slowly toward being in that alignment. These clear trays are nearly invisible to see, allowing a person to have his or her teeth aligned without the embarrassment of having normal braces. However, invisible braces are not for everyone. There are a few different factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Severity of the Misalignment:
If a person’s teeth are severely out of alignment, then he or she will need to have a different procedure performed. Invisible braces are not strong enough to easily move a person’s teeth so that they are actually in alignment. When this is the case, traditional braces tend to be more effective because the materials that make up the braces are actually attached to the person’s teeth. The wire that is attached to the brackets is strong enough to force a severely misaligned set of teeth back into position. Some patients who are already going through treatment can have their teeth moved into a position where invisible braces will be able to help and then take their regular braces off prematurely. Invisible braces tend to be more comfortable, so as soon as a person gets as far as necessary with regular braces.

Invisible braces tend to cost a great deal more money than traditional braces. This means that those who should get invisible braces need to have enough funds to pay for them. Financing plans are also available for those who cannot pay for the entire process at one time.

Invisible braces are specifically designed for teenagers and adults. This is because the trays can easily be removed by children and subsequently lost. A person needs to be old enough to remember to always replace the trays after they have been removed and not mess around with them. The trays will also be constantly changing and a person needs to be old enough to remember to change them when it is required. The last reason why age is important is that children grow so quickly that the trays would no longer fit too quickly to actually make an impact. It is best to wait until a person’s rate of growth has slowed.

For those who are in professions where it is important to be able to speak clearly and look respectable, getting invisible braces is often the best option. A person will be able to have his or her teeth straightened without having to deal with the socially awkward look of braces. This will allow for both health and personal prestige to be maintained.

In conclusion, a person should have invisible braces if he or she can pay for them, if he or she is old enough, and if he or she needs to maintain a professional image. By having invisible braces to solve minor alignment issues, a person can maintain the health of his or her teeth.

Oral B
Cosmetic Michigan Dentist

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Looking for A New Hobby? Consider Doing Binary Options Trading!

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I have many hobbies. Life shouldn’t be all about work. Some people work way too much and make it their only source of joy. This shouldn’t be the case. People should have other interests besides their work. In my case, my favorite hobby happens to be binary options trading. Not only does binary options trading prove to be a mentally stimulating activity for me, it’s also a very profitable one. In this post,  am going to talk about it. Hopefully, by doing so, I’ll get many of my readers to at least consider engaging in it too.

What exactly is binary options trading. Binary options trading, if you didn’t know, is a form of online trading that emerged around 2008. Since it became widely available, so many people from all over the world have started doing it. Many of these people have even made binary options trading their primary source of income. Why is it so popular? There are actually many reasons for it. One of these reasons happens to be the fact that binary options trading is very easy to do. To do binary options trading, people just have to buy options and then guess whether the values of the underlying assets they’re for are going to increase or decrease after some time.

Of course, when it comes to binary options trading, people have to make it a point to do it with a brokerage that is legitimate. Unfortunately, so many people end up working with brokerages that are illegal. Because of this, they end up not earning as much as they’re supposed to. In my case, I do trading at Banc de Binary. Aside from being legitimate, Banc de Binary offers so many amazing perks. I’m going to go over some of them in this post.

For one, Banc de Binary offers people free learning resources the moment they start doing binary options trading with the brokerage. After creating an account, the brokerage’s clients immediately gain access to learning resources that teach people how to trade binary options in the most profitable way. Because of this service alone, so many people end up earning a lot more with Banc de Binary than they would with any other brokerage. Considering that Banc de Binary has other amazing services such as binary options trading signals and 24/7 live help, it’s easy to see why so many people find trading with Banc de Binary so easy.

Hopefully, this post of mine ends up proving helpful to all of my regular readers. If you’re looking for a new hobby, you really would do well to consider doing binary options trading. Not only is binary options trading very fun, it’s also very profitable. There’s nothing like going home after work and seeing your investments increase in value.

Tomorrow, I am going to talk about another hobby of mine: painting. Anyone can get into painting. You don’t have to have “innate artistic talent” to create great works. You can develop your artistic talent. It’s just as matter of knowing how to go about it.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills and Cedar Rapids

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Beverly Hills is known to be the home to celebrities and socialites. Cedar Rapids on the other hand is the hometown of several popular actors, including Elijah Wood, Ashton Kutcher, Ron Livingston and Bobby Driscoll. With beautiful people originating and living in these places, you too may want to look attractive like them.

Enhancing your look is not a bad thing, especially if this is something that would boost your confidence. Being confident can take you to places. This would have a positive effect on your social and personal life, as well as your career. Aside from the temporary fixes like makeups, you may also consider a permanent solution like plastic surgery.

This procedure is not just for aesthetic purposes. It is also done to correct deformities, whether inborn or caused by accidents. Patients do not have to live with these defects forever, as there are professional surgeons who mastered this craft to help them live a normal life.

However, note that not everyone offering this service is a certified surgeon. It is vital that you choose a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons have the proper training needed to perform the job well. Aside from the board certification, here are other important things to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon.

Check the Record of the Surgeon

While being board certified is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon, this is not the only thing that should determine your decision. Another factor is the record of the doctor. It is also vital to see if he received disciplinary actions in the past.

If looking for a plastic surgeon in Cedar Rapids who is not just board certified but also trust worthy, you may check out the website of the Iowa Board of Medicine. In this site, you can determine if a doctor is licensed to provide service in the area, as well as check if he has existing disciplinary actions. Each of the states has medical boards where patients could get information about the records of their doctors.

Determine Areas of Specialties

There are different types of plastic surgery procedures, including aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Choose a surgeon who specializes on the area that you need help with. For instance, if you need help with breast surgery, find someone who has extensive experience in this type of procedure. This is to make sure that you get the best result.

See Before and After Photos

Surgeons have before and after photos of their patients. Request for these pictures and take a closer look on them to have an idea on what would be the possible result if you get the surgery. If you do not like what you see, look for another surgeon.

Ask Questions

Ask all the possible questions that you may have in mind, like what happens during the procedure, the recovery period, as well as the cost. A professional surgeon will be more than happy to answer your queries. You should thoroughly understand the process and possible risks before you decide to push through with the surgery.

You do not have to be a celebrity to get plastic surgery. If this would help you feel better about yourself and it would enhance the quality of your life, do so. Again, just make sure that you are doing this with an experienced and reliable surgeon.

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Making the Most Out of Your Garbage During Your Free Time by Recycling

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We all have our interests and hobbies. However, there are instances in which we feel like doing something else. Trying out something new is indeed exciting. This makes you become more creative. It also helps you make the most out of your spare time. Speaking of spare time, if you have one, you might want to check your garbage and find ways to recycle some of them. In doing this, not only will you extract your creative juices, but at the same time, you help in reducing the amount of waste filling out our landfills. Here are some creative techniques in recycling your garbage:

• If you have lots of old magazine issues, you can cut them and use them as gift wrappers. There are some glossy magazines with really hard papers. These are perfect for wrapping. You can also cut out some pictures and make a collage out of them. You can also cut out all your favorite magazine covers and put them all in an album.

• If you have just eaten oranges or lemons, then you can use the peels as air fresheners. You can place them in your bedroom or even in your car. Natural scents last a lot longer. Just make sure everyone in the house loves the smell of these fruits.

• Use empty tissue boxes as containers or old plastic bags. In doing this, you are recycling two things. The tissue boxes that are supposed to be thrown away become containers, and old plastic bags may still be used the next time around for other things.

• Instead of buying new dishwashing liquids, shampoo or laundry detergents out of a bottle, you can save the old bottles and buy the items that are placed in a plastic. You can just pour them out on the old bottle. Aside from recycling the bottle, you also save money since refills are cheaper.

• Anything made from wood that you are about to throw away may still be used next time for other purposes. You may think of constructing something out of wood or start a bonfire during an outdoor activity. Just save them. You will most likely find a way to use them in the future.

• Dirty water might also cause pollution. This is true especially if they are not disposed well. Thus, instead of throwing away the water used for boiling vegetables and meat, you can use them to water the plants at home.

• If you have old shirts or bed sheets, you can cut them into pieces and use them as rugs. You can also sew them creatively so you can use them as welcome mats.

In short, there are a lot of things that can be made out of the items that you are supposed to throw away. You only need to be more creative. However, for items that cannot be recycled, the best thing to do is to look for a dumpster service through this site. They will take care of the waste materials. You also have the assurance that they will properly dispose the waste. If you want to find out more about a Dependable Dumpster Rental company, then check out

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