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A Whole House Full of Animals

Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in interview | 0 comments

            In July, I met with Wanda Curry a local animal activist and the operator of her very own “independent animal shelter” that she started in her small community that did not have a local SPCA. Curry, has been fostering animals in her home now for the past five years, and is a local hero when it comes to giving back to the community and saving furry lives.
Studio4life: What made you start taking these animals into your home?

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How to Keep Google Safe for Kids

Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in General | 0 comments

How to set up a safe way for your kids to Google the internet is a big question on my parents minds.  I decided to set up a survey and post the ideas I felt would work best I posted below. This way we can get a better idea on how different moms and get their take on what they are doing to ensure their young one twittering in the right places.

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Interview: How to get things done

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in interview | 0 comments

In this interview we are very happy to announce we are going to sit down with Claudette Ghirlandaio, a restaurant owner in New York city.   We sat her down and asked “how on earth are you so profitable in such an competitive environment?

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New Generation RC Modelers Starting With Battery Powered Models

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Toys have evolved rapidly during the last 10 years. The changes have not been subtle, but mainly they have more to do with the way the toys use technology. In addition, there are more things that toys can do because of the advances in materials, technology, as well as in fuel cells. It is also possible that these toys are a lot cheaper than they were before. The economics of cost and pricing, have made them more affordable. The technology has made them smaller, with the same responsiveness as bigger models. In addition, there are more things that today’s RC can do because of the way technology has evolved and is used in adding value to these products.

Remote controlled toys have been around for a long while. Although nowadays, the biggest growth in RC is in battery powered toys, specially in cars, boats and in helicopters. There are still a lot of RC enthusiasts who use gasoline or methanol powered engines, although these are usually dedicated hobbyists who have been in RC modeling for quite a while. The new generation of RC enthusiasts use battery powered RC toys, which are relatively smaller than those which use single stroke engines.

For dedicated modelers, there is the thrill of using gas powered engines, or even jet engines in model jet planes. Although gas and jet engine modelers are usually older than those who use batteries, it is expected that at some point the younger modelers would catch on and upgrade to more powerful engines.

Young RC enthusiasts begin to get hooked because the battery powered models are treated and priced as toys. With ready access to battery powered models, the beginnings of a hobby start to take root. Among RC toys, there has been a big growth in the number of different models, as well as the variety of features, in helicopters. There is a wide disparity in opinions regarding the best RC helicopter. The parameters usually include price, battery life, engine power, range, maximum altitude, maneuverability, ease of control, speed, and other factors which a user would think is important. Choosing an RC helicopter brand can also be intimidating. There are hundreds of different manufacturers, from entry level models to the traditional hobby craft providers. On top of that, there are non-standard features which can make an RC helicopter model and differentiates it from the competition. There are now even some helicopters which have a built-in camera. There are bigger models which are capable of strapping an HD sports camera along.

Although RC cars have also evolved and their sales have also jumped, there are some cars which have also resorted to gimmicky stunts which make them look more like toys. However, unlike helicopters which are seldom configured to follow scale models of existing vehicles, more RC cars are scale models of famous makes and models. It is also easier to configure or to make them look like scale models.

RC modelers are a tough group to convince, because of the way they treat authenticity of being strict about following the details. Those who are starting out with battery powered RC vehicles, on the other hand are still enjoying their toys, and have not bothered to follow hobbyist modelers.

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The Many Uses of the Internet

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in General | 0 comments

The Internet is a technology that keeps on evolving. From its limited use on those who can only afford getting an expensive Internet connection in the past, it’s now affordable and widely used in different countries around the world. Students, businesses, employees and users of varying personal interests use it regularly. Here are some of its popular uses.


If you love playing games, but don’t like installing software on your computer, there are several online games that you can play. From action packed shooters to puzzle games that would stimulate your brain, there are lots of genres to choose from. Moreover, even other installed games require Internet connection to run.


Music lovers could access music sites where they can listen to the latest and their favorite tracks. You may also listen to online radio sites. There are also video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo where you can watch official music videos and fan created videos of different songs.


Movies, TV shows and even commercial clips can be found online. If you missed watching an episode of your favorite show or you would like to watch a movie that’s no longer in the cinema, there’s a big chance that you can stream it online.


This is one of the most important uses of the Internet as it makes communication fast, convenient and cheap. There’s no need to pay several dollars for a long distance call, as long as you and the other party have Internet connection. Aside from voice and video calls, chat and e-mail are also other ways on how people communicate over the web.


Whether you need to find specific information for your presentation at work or for your school project, the Internet is your best source. There’s no need to browse on several thick books as you can just type your keyword on the search field of your chosen search engine and begin the search. Everything you need is on the tip of your fingers.

There are thousands of sites that you can access depending on your interest. You may also check out websites like Theneeds to conveniently find the latest about your interest. These sites collect all the latest information and news on the web about a specific category so you have everything you need to know in one place.

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How Not to Declutter Your Home

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Everyone needs to declutter at some point in their lives, be it just one room or the whole house.  We spoke with an expert on decluttering and she passed on a few tips on how NOT to declutter.  Most people tell what we should be doing; she tells us what we shouldn’t be doing:

  • Organize before Buying Storage

Do not head straight out and buy a load of boxes before you get organized.  Clean out everything first, sort it into piles and then decide what you need to buy. If you are moving to a smaller place but don’t want to get rid of your bigger pieces of furniture, look up Used Storage Containers USA, an excellent company, who will sell or rent you a container to store your furniture in.

  • Take it Slowly

Do not plan on doing your whole house in a day, start one room at a time. You can’t possibly be thorough if you are spending the entire day sorting through stuff!

  • One Thing at a Time

Finish one room before you start the next – completely. Never leave a bit for later because it will never get done.

  • It’s Not Over When You Think it is

Do not be fooled into thinking that, when you have finished, that’s it.  Decluttering is an ongoing job and to make it easier you need to have a system in place for dealing with stuff as it comes.

  • Be Logical and Realistic

Don’t expect your newly decluttered home to look like something out of a magazine or show home because it won’t. Just make sure you have a realistic and logical system in place – that way you will know where everything is and everything will have a home.

Decluttering is not an easy job according to our expert. She says that you should get into the habit of being methodical – don’t buy stuff you don’t need; regularly clear out and give stuff to charity or recycle it where you can.  Have a place for everything and make sure everything is in its place.  Getting into this mindset will mean you never have to spend days clearing out your home again.

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How to Choose a Dumpster

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Most people who rent dumpsters aren’t really sure what they want. We interviewed a waste disposal expert who gave us some advice on how to choose the right dumpster for our needs.  He recommended this company for dumpster rentals, saying they were one of the more professional ones.

What to Consider

He told us what we need to consider when we decide to rent a dumpster and those factors include:

  • Size – will it fit in your driveway or the alleyway next door? 
  • Single or Segregated – depends on the type of waste – wet waste cannot be dumped with dry waste, it has to be separated.
  • State Requirements –  your local municipal may require you to have a permit if the dumpster is to be placed on a public area

Determining the Correct Size

This is the first thing you have to determine before you even think about going ahead and getting one.  Our expert told us how to work out what size we want, dependent on how much is being dumped:

  • If you are planning to dump 10 yards of waste material per day your need a dumpster that is 12 ft. x 8 ft. x 4 ft. high. For 20 yards, 22 ft. x 8 ft. x 4.5 ft. and for 30 you are looking at one that is 30 ft. x 8 ft. x 6 ft. These are minimum sizes.  If you can’t work it out, when you choose a dumpster rental company, they will be able to give you an idea, going on the type of waste being generated.

Keep in mind that the dumpster size has a direct bearing on cost.

Choosing a Dumpster Rental Company

When you start to look for a company, you are likely to find quite a range to choose from.  Bear in mind that not all companies are created equally. Our expert told us that there are a number of things you should take into account when choosing a company and you should also get at least three quotes to compare:

Some of the things we were advised to look at are:

  • How long the company has been running
  • Feedback from previous customers
  • What their customer service is like
  • Cost
  • How many different sizes of dumpsters do they have for rent
  • What is allowed to be put in the dumpsters
  • Weight limits
  • Any hidden costs

Go for a company that has been in business for many years and has a good reputation. Check that they don’t charge extra for transporting the dumpster to where you want it – there either shouldn’t be any or it should already be included in the cost. Your best bet, we were told, is to go for a company that works for a flat rate.

Reliable dumpster companies are great for whatever project you have on the go, whether it is home renovation or a large business project.  Make sure you do your homework and shop around for the best service – that may not necessarily be the cheapest though. One of the best is Slideoo, a highly professional outfit that serves your interests.

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Different Ways of Dehydrating Food

Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Dehydrating food is one of the best ways to preserve it. Even before, this method has already been done. In fact, those who have lived during the war really need to find ways to ensure that their food will last for a long time. If not, it will be a huge waste. When they need food and they don’t have resources, they might die of hunger. Over the years, there have been creative ways in ensuring that food can be preserved.


Salt is an effective food dehydrator. It also helps in fighting bacteria that could possibly spoil the food. Most people in the past place salt on their meat so they can extend its life. This is true especially to those who have no steady supply of meat. There are those who have salted meat even for years and after taking the meat back for consumption, it is still edible. In fact, for some people, it makes the meat even tastier.


This is also one way to ensure that the food won’t be rotten. The food is usually sealed in a container that will totally take out air pressure or moisture. It will then be buried for a long time and will be taken back when needed for consumption. Meat, vegetables, and fruits may be buried for preservation purposes.


You might think that this is not really going to dehydrate the food as it is kept in a cold environment where moisture can form. However, before the food is frozen, it will be dehydrated first, placed in a container and sealed tightly. This will totally remove water and prevent it from spoiling the food.

Modern Techniques

The creative means of dehydrating food have been observed in various cultures and are still practiced until now. They are still very effective and can produce wonderful results. However, if you don’t want to go through the laborious tasks of preparing the food for dehydration, then you can just use a dehydrator. This is a modern appliance where you just place the food that you want to be dehydrated for a few minutes, and you will see the results. This is not like other processes where it takes months or even years to dehydrate the food.

However, for this technique, you can only use simpler foods to dehydrate such as fruits or vegetables. Back then, instead of using dehydrators, people just dry the food out in the sun for some time to see the results. However, the problem with this technique is that it can take some time. It also does not eliminate the possibility of bacteria infecting the food as it is exposed to the environment. With the use of a dehydrator, you can be assured of eating something healthy and safe.

If you need the best food dehydrator, you can go here. On the other hand, if you want more ideas on what dehydrator to buy, you can check out Nesco dehydrator reviews at

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The Cult of the High Heeled Shoes

Posted by on Sep 1, 2014 in General | 0 comments

It is a fact that high-heeled shoes were first worn by men. Specifically, the design was meant to allow men to ride horses. Up till today, cowboy boots have higher heels than other shoes. The heel design was meant to catch the stir up, no matter what size shoes was worn.

Nowadays, when high-heeled shoes are mentioned, these are usually for women. Even if men wore high heels, this would be glossed over as men would only do that to appear taller. Women on the other hand wear high heels in order to look like they have longer legs. At least this was why some fashion designers started pairing their skirts with high heels. The industry has since diverged from the original concept. Designers usually have fashion lines for clothes, and a separate fashion line for shoes. There are fashion superstars who are more noted for their high heel shoes like Jimmy Choo. Of course, there are those who specialize in shoes, like Christian Louboutin with his signature red-lacquer soles.

Although the majority of women cannot afford designer shoes, they are sometimes constrained to wear high heels due to popular convention. This is usually the case for women who have to wear high heel shoes due to company policy. As part of a lifestyle, wearing high heels can lead to some problems. One of the primary problem would be varicose veins. Although less common, there have also been cases of disformed feet, where the person has been accustomed to wearing heels that the feet are always arched as if wearing heels. The only solution to this problem is to keep wearing shoes or sandals with heels.

For varicose veins, as well as spider veins, there are several other solutions besides totally foregoing high heeled shoes. The most common remedy for this kind of condition is an out-patient procedure. In California, you can visit a clinic for sclerotherapy in Santa Clara County for a quick procedure to cure varicose veins. The procedure uses fine needles to inject a liquid into the vein. This would serve as a stopper, and also shrink the vein. The color would varicose veins would disappear within two weeks.

It is easy to feel sexy while wearing high heel shoes. However, when the body is not capable of prolonged walking in heels, the legs suffer. It’s painful but easily remedied.

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Interesting Scenes After a Car Accident in Various Countries

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Being involved in a car accident is not funny at all. In fact, some accidents can be extremely harsh and those who are involved might even die upon impact. However, what happens next after the accident has taken place is what is more interesting. If you check out people from different countries, you will see different scenarios.

As If Nothing Happened

If you go to some countries, especially developed ones, the scene after the accident is relatively peaceful. Motorists continue driving on the side of the accident site as if nothing happened. Those who are involved in the accident will just wait for the persons in authority to come in order to take actions. They don’t get involved in a fight over what happened. There is also traffic officers who will respond to ensure that there won’t be a traffic jam after the accident. Everything is totally organized. If there are injuries, an ambulance will be called by the less injured party or whoever is in site, and the ambulance will respond as soon as possible.

Everybody Gathers

In some other countries, the site after the accident is quite different. Most of them gather to see what has transpired. They usually just stop by to know the juicy details. Some people might help those who were hurt, but others are just there to watch. Those who are driving next to the accident site might also stop by to see what happened. If not, they will drive slowly to see what happened before moving forward. Those who are involved in the accident might even fight with each other and blame one another for what happened.

Be Protected

In whatever country you are from, you need protection. You need to have an assurance that after the accident, you won’t bear all the expenses especially if it is not your fault. This is true if you have incurred injuries due to the accident. You might call for help from Toronto personal injury lawyer here and find out more about what they can do to serve you justice. Once the novelty of the accident wears off, those who were in the accident scene will start to disperse. However, your problem has just started. Thus, you need all legal assistance you can possibly get.

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Improve Your Appearance without Hiring an Expert

Posted by on Aug 12, 2014 in General | 0 comments

People have different interests. Some individuals are into gadgets, while others are into music. If your personal interest is on beauty, you came to the right place. I’m not saying that beauty is everything you need in this world. However, there’s nothing wrong if you wish to improve your appearance and be the best version of yourself as it comes with several benefits.

If you feel good about how you look, you’ll also feel better inside. This would make you a happier person. Moreover, it would improve your confidence. You’ll be more comfortable socializing with others allowing you to meet new friends and your future partner maybe. Since you feel confident, you’ll have better opportunities in your career, as long as you accompany it with hard work and dedication. You don’t have to hire a beauty expert to help enhance your look. With practice and the right tools, you’ll see a huge difference in your appearance.

Determine What Needs to Be Improved

Look into the mirror and have a look at yourself. See what needs the most improvement in your physical appearance so you know where to focus. Do you have acne all over your face? Is your hair too messy? Are your eyebrows too thick? Once you were able to determine the problems areas, it would be easier for you to find the solutions.

Do Your Research

The Internet is your best friend when searching for answers about almost everything under the sun, including beauty how to’s. Search for various solutions on how to resolve your beauty concerns. There are instructions written in text and there are also video tutorials that you can find on various sites like YouTube.
It’s recommended that you check on the video tutorials so you can see how it’s actually done. It’s often easier to follow a process when you see how it’s done. From taking care of your skin to trying different hairstyles, you’ll find several tutorials that you would find helpful. These beauty gurus also usually review products and recommend the best ones in the market.

Buy the Right Products

You need to invest on quality products that you could use in enhancing your appearance. For instance, buying the best curling wand would let you try different styles of curls that you could wear at work or on various occasions. As mentioned, checking out reviews helps you get the best curling iron around. These reviews would show the pros and cons of the products letting you compare them and pick the best one that meets your needs. This applies to all beauty products and tools. Don’t just consider the price, but the quality and features as well.


If you’re not an expert in using these beauty products or tools, that’s okay. Remember that even the best beauty gurus started from being a novice. Keep practicing and searching for ways on how to improve your skills in applying make-up and in doing your hair.

Aside from using these beauty products, don’t forget to take care of your hygiene. Basic cleanliness can do wonders. This is your foundation to a beautiful appearance.

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Getting Cheap Deals When Renting Equipment for Various Uses

Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Back then, when you need huge equipment, you need to buy it. If not, you have to find someone who can lend the equipment to you. Though rental has already been a practice before, the rates are too high. The good news is that when you need to rent heavy equipment these days, you have lots of choices already. Therefore, you don’t have to settle with a company that has very high rates for their equipment rental services.

You might need to borrow a forklift or a scissor lift if you are currently doing renovations at home. You might also need to rent a storage container so you can fit in all the items that you are really interested in keeping, but have no enough space inside your home. If you are planning to start your own business, you can also rent a used cargo container that can be transformed into an office. If you need any of this equipment, here are some tips in order for you to get a great deal:

1. Find a rental company that can provide you with the equipment you need. There are rental companies that can be considered as a one-stop shop for everything that you need. They also offer equipment of various sizes and functions. You can check what they offer first and see if what you need is available. This will help a lot so you won’t have to move from one company to another should you need to rent something else.

2. Check the differences for short term and long term rental rates. There are instances in which you may get cheaper rates if you are to rent the equipment over a longer time. For instance, the rate for used cargo container rental that will be leased for 6 months is a lot higher compared with a cargo container leased for a year. Therefore, you need to weight the choices well in order to avoid spending a lot.

3. Just because you want a cheaper deal, it does not mean you have to settle for something of low quality. You can still get the best equipment even if you pay less. Just make sure that you partner with the right company. You also have to check reviews. By then, you will know which company is worth your trust.

4. Look for promotions and discounts. Ever y now and then, companies offer promotions to attract more customers. They usually offer these promotions via subtle campaign online. Therefore, you need to check their website every now and then to find out if there is a promotion that will offer you what you need at a lower price.

Whether you use the equipment for your personal hobbies or for business purposes, it pays a lot if you know where to get them at a lower rate. If you want a one-stop shop for all your needs, visit Rental Force here. On the other hand, if you only want to look for storage containers for rent, check out

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Looking Better After 40

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Most people say that age is just a number. Maybe it is true. Even at 40, there are still a lot of things I can still do. What bothers me is that need for affirmation by constantly looking at a mirror. Whatever it is that you see in a mirror, it was not satisfying. It was a sobering experience, but it did not stop me from wanting to look better than my age.

When I was younger, I did not pay particularly close attention to how I looked. I think that is the case with most women who have children very early. I did not look frumpy nor fat because thankfully, I exercised a lot. I swam, jogged and also went to the gym. Nutrition was also a big thing inside the home, and that’s how I was able to stay fit. So now my problem is my face. One thing I was not able to prepare for was sun damage. I had loved to stay out in the sun for a long time and did not think about wearing sunscreen or even a hat to cover my face.

Now that I’m in my 40s, the tell-all signs of sun damage can be read on my skin. I also have deep furrows on my forehead and my eyelids are droopy. I had tried to correct the damage (of course, too little too late) by buying expensive creams that claim to defy the ravages of aging. They seem to be working a bit, but I found the maintenance too expensive. Another thing was that I was not comfortable slathering sticky serum onto my face twice a day. It felt like such a huge effort, and I wanted something that was faster and gave better results.

I asked the opinion of friends, and they of course recommended that I get a cosmetic procedure. I had to think long and hard about this one because getting surgery seemed like such an extreme procedure for me. They laughed and said that nothing was going to be cut or sawed off. In fact, age-reversing procedures nowadays are hardly invasive. I was doubtful, so the girls offered that we “clinic hop” and visit several treatment centers so I could get a better understanding of how they can help me. Our first stop was the clinic of a dermatologist in Swedesboro. She was very pleasant and accommodating and told me that all was not lost in terms of my skin’s health.

When I wanted to learn more about cosmetic procedures, my friends led me to a clinic that specialized in Juvederm in Portland, Maine. I was eager to learn more about the procedure. Naturally, my concerns were pain, safety and cost – in that order. I have a very low pain tolerance and I did not want my screams to be heard by people driving two streets away. I was concerned about toxins and implants all that but the doctors in the clinic were very kind and explained everything to me without the condescending tone.

I’m looking forward to having my procedure started next week. It might take a couple of visits, but I’m confident that I will start looking better in a short time.

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Hiring Professionals for Pressure Washing Services

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Winter is over and its time to start thinking about washing away all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the months. With spring just around the corner and summer on the way, it is nice to have things looking clean.

Make a list of everything that needs to be done in your quest to get things ship shape and sparkling. Separate out things that need to be pressure washed down to clean them and then consider whether it is worth hiring a professional pressure washer company to do the work for you.

Questions to Ask:

Before you hire the first company you see, you need to ask some questions first. Not all companies operate the same and not all are qualified to do every single job. Pick at least three different companies and do some research on each one first and then ask each of them these questions:

  • Do you have the correct licenses and certifications?

Any professional company will be more than happy to provide you a look at their certificates and licenses – be sure to check the dates on them to make sure they haven’t expired!

  • Are you insured?

Ask if they have the correct liability insurance.  You want to make sure you are fully covered in the event of any damage to your property and any injuries that may happen on your premises.

  • Can you give me any references?

Again, any professional company will give you names and contacts of people who had work done. Have a look at their work and ask when it was done and if they are happy with it.

  • What pressure washer do you use?

This may sound like an odd question but you want to be sure that the equipment is fit for the job.  It’s no good hiring a company who uses a huge industrial pressure washer for a small job and vice versa. You can check out some helpful information on the best electric pressure washer on the internet.

  • Do you give estimates in writing?

You should get a written estimate form all of your chosen companies – if they don’t provide one, cross them off the list.  Read each estimate carefully and compare them for price and services offered as well as guarantees.

  • What is your procedure for cleaning?

Ask how they do the cleaning and how the process works. You want to know how long the job will take and how many people will be working. Familiarize yourself with everything so you will know if anything is not right on the day they do the job.

  • What chemicals do you use and are they safe?

Check out the chemicals they are using and find out if they are environmentally friendly ones. Ask if they will do any harm to your plants or anything else in your garden. Are they pet-safe?  If you are having cleaning done inside make sure the chemicals used will not damage any of your furnishings.

If you are still not convinced or just want to be sure for your own peace of mind, this website offers electric pressure washer reviews ad gives a lot of useful information.

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The Vietnamese Experience

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Who can forget the tragic long years when Vietnam was torn apart by war? The Vietnam War was one of the longest, saddest, and most brutal wars of all time. Yet, when I went to this country just last year, I saw that the country ravaged by ammunitions and bombs is finally getting back on its feet. No more is it a land of sorrow, but a land of complex culture and vibrant, friendly natives.

Anybody who goes on Vietnam holidays (more info here) can testify of the richness of the culture and friendly vibe. The country has a lot of amazing sceneries and historical landmarks, but these three places were the ones that marked the most to me:


Now formally known as Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam. This city has been a center of much artistic depictions such as the world-renown theatre production Miss Saigon. I couldn’t help but imagine the face of the city during the war-torn years when American soldiers marched all over the land. To this day, it has several French colonial buildings like the Reunification Palace and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Mekong Delta

This southwestern portion of Vietnam is teeming with culture and economic activities centered on the Mekong River. Here I saw the colorful floating market that had always enthralled me as a kid. Surrounding the river are vast tracks of rice fields that are so enchanting to look at especially during early morning and twilight. During the trip, we managed to extensively explore the area and see firsthand what an ordinary day in the Mekong looks like.


Of course we didn’t forget the capital and the second largest city of Vietnam. Hanoi lies at the bank of the Red River, giving it economic opportunities like fishing and trading. The city didn’t disappoint; it has a lot of interesting landmarks like the One Pillar Pagoda and the Temple of Literature. There are a lot of Buddhist temples, but the most captivating one is the Tran Quoc, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the city.

The country still has a long way to go to becoming developed, but it’s nice to see that so much has changed since those terrible years. 

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